What you will learn from this book...

This book you will open your eyes to the ‘blindspots’ that are thwarting your progress and impeding the successful growth of your practice. It will provide you with the 5 key disciplines to overcome these challenges and skyrocket your practice and your life to a level of unimaginable achievement and fulfillment.

The aesthetic market is in trouble. Despite a significant increase of consumers seeking cosmetic improvements and the availability of breakthrough technologies arriving almost daily, the market is rapidly becoming commoditized – characterized by thin margins and products sold on the basis of price and not brand or brand quality.

Director of the wildly popular The Aesthetic Blueprint Immersion Seminars, entrepreneur, business coach and renown speaker, Bob Rullo openly and smartly introduces you to a new world of growth opportunity using case studies from megabrands like Apple, Starbucks and Costco, real-world practice illustrations and personal anecdotes.

Don’t waste another daydreaming of the next level. Start living it now!

This is indeed your aesthetic blueprint to living your dreams!

What is the Aesthetic Blueprint?

Create The Best Team

The keys to building a winning team filled with A-players thriving in an impenetrable culture

Attract More Clients

How to attract and keep ideal clients and have them refer their friends with ease

Create Memorable Experiences

How to create a truly memorable experience using Phi measures and photography

Improve Your Mindset

Your success and your team’s success rests completely on your mindset as a leader, find out how to improve it.

Human Needs Psychology

The skill of Human Needs psychology to positively influence any interaction

Best Daily Routines

The daily routines to setting a new standard of personal and professional performance for yourself – after all it begins with you!

Who is Robert R. Rullo?

Robert Rullo is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, accomplished author and elite business performance coach.

With more than 30 years of business experience, Bob has brought his unique marketing style and strategic business insights, serving start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Focusing on healthcare, Bob founded The Aesthetic Blueprint™, widely recognized as the “preeminent educational experience” in aesthetics today.  Working closely with hundreds of medical practitioners domestically and abroad, Bob is revolutionizing the business of aesthetic medicine.

Appearing in numerous medical and business conferences and journals, Bob uses his renowned imaginative thinking and infectious presentation style to teach aesthetic practitioners and business leaders, the strategies to creating geometric business growth while fully enjoying a truly enriched lifestyle.

“The Aesthetic Blueprint is the best training program available in aesthetics.”
Barry Kusman, MD
Bob Rullo is the Tony Robbins of Aesthetic
Peter Helton, DO
Outstanding beyond outstanding. This was an invaluable course.
Ellen Gendler, MD

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